Arkle Premium Cider is fantastic as part of a cocktail and also when paired as an ingredient in food recipes.

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The natural fruitiness of Arkle Premium cider is the perfect complement to a variety of cuisines. Cider is very versatile for cooking and pairing with food. Here are some great areas to explore with Cider & Food:

Pork & Ham

Cider loves pork. Pork belly, sausages, chops, ham and bacon will sing when served with a good cider to drink alongside, as the sweetness of the cider is a classic contrast to the salty pork. It’s also good with other pork-based products like patés, terrines and rillettes.


The delicate flavour of cider also plays well with chicken, as opposed to more heavy-hitting meats like beef, which would overwhelm it. Try hearty, wintry dishes like chicken casseroles, creamy chicken pies or a roast chicken with its crisp, salty skin with a cider.


When it comes to vegetables, think seasonally. Cider and, say, a butternut squash gratin, a creamy cauliflower cheese or a wild mushroom risotto will work well together. A sweet cider will also complement the sweetness of roasted autumnal vegetables, such as roasted onions and fennel.

Cider Based Sauces

This is where Cider works best. Think also of chicken casseroles or pies cooked with cider and sausages with cider (any dish cooked with onion and apples is an obvious partner – that would apply to fish dishes too).