At the start of 2015 we set out to see if we could offer a new better cider choice to consumers. The Irish cider market in particular was dominated by one major player and was set to be joined in the summer of 2015 by another multinational about to launch their brand. As a new Irish “upstart” we wanted to break this stranglehold and offer a new choice to the consumer.

We wanted the best cider apples – Bittersweet and Bittersharp to give that unique fruity flavoursome taste; we wanted a cider that was expertly crafted; we wanted the authenticity, naturalness and heritage of our liquid to have a backbone in history; we wanted a cidery that reflected our values of family, tradition and quality and most of all we wanted a cider that consumers would love to drink and enjoy which tasted and looked much better than anything they had before. To ensure this great Cider was fittingly named we called it after the legendary racehorse Arkle.  Arkle Premium Cider was born and in late 2015 our first cases started rolling into the Dublin pub trade. The rest they say “is the history we will make”…..

“Many are called but few are chosen”

We set high standards, so we searched long and hard to ensure Arkle Premium Cider was perfectly crafted to our unique Irish recipe. To reflect our core values of heritage, tradition, quality and consistency, with a business who is big enough to do it great, but is small enough to care, we decided to go all the way back to the Home of Cider – Herefordshire and to Henry Westons Family Cider Makers. In 1878 Henry Weston came to farm in the deep rolling hills of the Bounds, Much Marcle, Herefordshire to begin a legacy of tradition and quality.

Making cider and perry from his own fruit, collected from his own orchards that to this day 135 years later is a business still run by the same family using the same time old values to make great cider. Cheers to you Henry!


With over 150 acres of bush orchards and 50 acres of traditional organic orchards on the family farm in Much Marcle; Westons also utilise cider fruit from over 350 local farms. Healthy and juicy fruit is crucial and at Westons Cider they make sure the orchards are cherished and nurtured all year round. Its no secret that cider is synonymous with Herefordshire given its great history, tradition of cider apple growing and cider making.


We only use top quality cider apples in our cider. Traditionally, cider apples are small, hard and inedible, being very fibrous and bitter.

We use a variety of different apples in our Arkle Premium Cider and it is through the careful art of blending the fermented juices from these apples that the characteristic great refreshing taste, flavour and aroma associated with Arkle Premium Cider is produced. Because Bittersweet and Bittersharp are grown in abundance in this area; these are key to giving us that super rounded refreshing taste.